“I was always drawing dresses since as soon as I was able to pick up a crayon.”
Leanne Marshall is an amazing designer with a crazy fashion history. She was on Project Runway, has been in People, US Magazine, and Elle, and has has a creative sense or fashion. Here’s what she told us when we sat down with her for an interview-
       You grew up loving fashion design and creating clothing. Did that have anything to do with any outside influences?

I was interested in it mainly due to being involved in dance and thinking about the dresses and costumes for my performances. I was always drawing dresses since as soon as I was able to pick up a crayon.

       Your designs were shown from the age of 12! That’s amazing! What was that like, at such a young age?

Well, it was only in the form of dance costumes for  dance performances. They were by no means a typical “fashion show” showing or anything like that.

       You were on Season 5 of Project Runway- What impact did that have on your career?

It got my name out to the world, and enabled me to relocate to NYC to continue building my brand. It was great publicity.

       Your dresses have been published in US Weekly, People, LIFE, Elle and many others.  What was that like, being featured next to designers you see every day?
Pretty cool.

       What made you decide to create your gowns with such feminine and fresh details, an iconic staple in your design?

I don’t know, honestly. I’m kind of a tomboy in real day to day life. I guess since I walk around all day in extremely casual jeans, t-shirts and sneakers there’s another side of me that needs to express itself via the fancy feminine dresses I make and design. 

      Is there anywhere in the future that you dream about taking your dresses to?

Check out Leanne Marshall’s website and Facebook.